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Sheer Vinyl Attack

Invest in Sheer Vinyl Attack. 115% repayment.

Invest in Sheer Vinyl Attack. 115% repayment.

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Sheer Vinyl Attack became a Limited Company in June 2023 and I am looking for investors who can help grow the business. Music lovers are a bonus! 


Last year's sales figures, as a sole trader, were six figures.


I now have trade accounts with major suppliers in the UK and US aiming to expand the business with more stock and a better office in the UK for packing and shipping. Every business needs a little boost, especially at the beginning, so I would be extremely grateful to anyone who wishes to help.


I would use each investment to purchase stock with monthly repayments made through 30% of net sales until 115% is repaid. 


If you are interested in this venture, please get in touch.


Sheer Vinyl Attack Ltd (14923099)

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