Sheer Vinyl Attack Ltd was established as a limited company in June 2023 after years of trading as QueenBayOnline.

Stock is held mainly in the US, but also in the UK.

Delivery of items based in the US can take up to 21-28 days depending on stock though this is sooner in some instances. The most common cause of delay is the volume of stock available to ship to the UK, sometimes I am awaiting further deliveries. A couple of titles have been delayed further with family matters and illness.

I personally pack and ship stock from the US to the UK via DHL Express. Courier and import fees are paid for by me and are reflected in the product prices. There are no hidden charges.

I have begun working with major suppliers in the US and UK and in the last month I have focused mainly on populating the store as well as on Discogs and eBay. This is an ongoing task. Please be aware that, being in the US, I am working 5 hours behind the UK and 6+ hours behind the EU.

Recently, I have had a stock issue with a Queen LP from Walmart which has caused a headache as this LP has not been back in stock there for a long time and I have many damaged copies. This has resulted in a change to the stock bundle that I had sold which was initially A Day At The Races, Jazz, and Hot Space. This is now Jazz, Hot Space, and The Works.  I will also be including the upcoming Cool Cat 7" single in this bundle at no extra cost to these few customers for the delay. I have been made aware that I have not contacted every customer regarding this change. For this, I hold my hands up and apologise for not keeping them in the loop. If you are an affected customer, please contact me at

In the meantime, I shall no longer be advertising Walmart pre-orders.

As much as I am trying to grow the business daily, I am just one person although my UK office packs and ships all orders. Everything else, for now, is just me. This will become easier to manage as time passes.

Thank you for reading,


Jamie Mears


Sheer Vinyl Attack Ltd


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